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And, I will carry on...

Even if it hurts me...

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Alias: Kyoko/Paradise
Age: Seventeen
Location: London
Ambitions: For now...try and find happiness in my life, complete happiness.


Ehm, some bullet points you should know about me before adding!
~ I'm very down to earth!
~ I'm very easy to get along with!
~ I hate very little except for liars, cheats and conniving bastards. ^_^
~ I come from West London so I might come out with a little bit of slang here and there LOL
~ Don't worry, just add me and we can chat!! ^___^

Comments about Me!

Hmm. Ellie. She's.... well, she's Ellie.
:D Won't have it any other way. She's
that person I know I can talk to
anytime, about anything, even if
we're what, 8 hours apart? And I'd
gladly do the same for her! ♥ In
short, Ellie is love. That is all. XD

<33 Tadaaaa! Here's my comment! <33
"Laat een bericht achter"... *Click*
... "Omg!! I can leave a message!"

I really like your story! It's
great. <33 sakura is going to get
into trouble!
What I like about you.. xD We think
the same, your always nice and you
are really fun to hang out with!
So all together.. Your just great!

That was about it I guess..

Manon xD

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Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005



^ I love this banner so much! Made by insomnikat ♥

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I love Itachi at UchihaProdigy

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Ino rocks

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